Ghost Mannequins in Photoshop

Photoshop has a diverse range of features and feathers to bring your creativity in the images. You will get all kinds of tools to work on the image; sometimes you find more than 3 tools that do the same work. Altering with Photoshop is easy as well as timely, a simple clipping takes 2-3hours of work which is really boring but you will get the work perfectly if you have a professional hand. Photoshop also offers to create phantoms with your images. You can surprise your clients with the creativity of invisibility. As most of the time models are not available and you may not even afford the model that your client may select and for that best way to bring out the best of the product is to work with the mannequin or dummy. If you are thinking to work with the dummy then you can easily clip the mannequin out. This process is called Ghost Mannequin.

Why clip the mannequin out and how?

Clipping path allows you to select the product and to cut off the mannequin that is exposed to the image. You can also allow keeping some parts but it is clever to remove all the exposing parts of the mannequin as it creates an interesting fact that an invisible person is wearing the product and showing out the best features of the product. If you want to show the inner and the outer part of the product then you have to click some snaps of the inner part with the tags and other detailing of the product and some front and side snaps, all of the snaps will be brought together in one frame to show all about the product.

 You can easily draw lines around the product with the pen tool that will only choose the product and cut off the other objects. After altering you will see the transparent areas you have clipped which you have to fill with the new layer and blend with the background. While you are clipping you can also choose to delete the background. Clipping path not only deletes the mannequin parts but also erases the background. Most of the time clipping path is used to delete the background and create a new background. New layers help to turn the transparent background into a new background. This whole process is called Background Removal.

Along with the ghost mannequin, you can also have other services to complete the image with the perfection like-

Clipping Path- it is must, as it deletes the unwanted parts of the mannequin and other objects along with the background. This is the basic work of all the edits which will help you to work on the separate objects without mixing.

Background removal- if you are working with any type of the E-commerce product then you should go with the other works to create new dimensions. Background removing helps to turn the focus to the product rather than the background. When you select the plain simple color it brings the product out in an order to stand out more. You can use white, black and other plain colors as well but remember to use a color that doesn’t mix with the product or else it will engulf the product completely. Pattern background and other creative funky backgrounds can also look great but it shall underestimate the product.

Shadow making- If you have clicked the full set of apparels then you should create a shadow that seems like the invisible person is standing and wearing the product as every person have their own shadow. Shadow should be properly dropped; the distance of the light source from the product will decide the darkness of the shadow. If you have used a soft lighting then the shadow should be a bit longer and lighter and if the lighting is very striking then the shadow should be very dark and small. Both the shadow will make a 3D effect to the image if altered professionally.

Color correction- if you have more than one product from the brand and same design then you can skip clicking them all and choose the color correction option which allows making new colors, make sure it matches with the real product and for that always check the real product while editing. Don’t overdo any of the edits.


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