Jewelry Retouching in Photoshop

Jewelries are adorned by women, they love wearing jewelries at special occasions and often randomly. Jewelries are the style statement today, people value the ornaments more. You can wear a simple dress with a lovely heavy jewelry and you will look flawless, and vice versa. Jewelries were even worn by men in the early ages, Kings, Queens and their fellow followers used to wear heavy jewelries. In ancient days jewelry meant as a symbol of the family status, only the people with high standards were allowed to wear heavy jewelries. Obviously, that turned into fame and luxury from early ages and still, it continues.

But in E-commerce platform it is very much needed that the image of the jewelries is popping out like the most shining thing in the world and which is, jewelries are very shiny and so it is mostly adorned and worn by the women as the shines are the trend from early ages. But not only shine is important here there are even more facts that need to be cleared and needs to be used, to have the best of the jewelry image so that it can be posted and used in several ways of marketing. And so the Jewelry Retouching is very important.

How Jewelry Retouching in Photoshop is done?

Photoshop has these amazing features and tools to alter all kind of images and it has the different tools that can be used in the same way. Some of the edits are done in a very major way and some done in a minor way. Both the ways are important to create the wonderful look of the jewelries.

Some Basic and major works of Jewelry retouching are-

Clipping Path- with the help of the pen tool lines are drawn around the subject and after drawing the lines around the edges, it chooses the subject only and detaches everything from the frame. After detaching the unwanted particles you can blend it with the background.

Background removal- it is highly needed if the background of the image is dull as it makes the jewelry even duller, and so the background is removed from the background. This process also needs clipping path to detach the background, often with removing of the particles the background is removed and after removing the background a transparent background is seen, that transparent background is changed to any other background. Mostly the white, black and gray color background is chosen but if you want you can also change with the other colors. Patterned background can be also used. But try to choose the background that doesn’t mix with the color of the jewelry.

Shadow making- if the shadows of the image aren’t looking real then you can create your own shadow with the Photoshop and before creating always remove the older shadow and then create a new one. Shadows can make the image look real or else the jewelries will look animated.

Resizing- it is always used in the jewelry retouching as the shots of the image is very high in resolution and so the file size is always heavy. Heavier files can slow down your site; resizing will help you to load the site faster. You can also save the files as ‘web’ if the images are for the website.
Dust removal- often the jewelry may have some dirt spots or some gloomy stones; this can be removed and corrected as well.

Model photo retouching- mostly the jewelry worn by model and then shot is taken, during this, the m,odel may have some uneven tones, skin problems and also scars, these are all corrected with the model photo retouching. It removes and makes the skin look flawless.

Image masking- When you are doing beauty retouching you will also need the image masking services to keep the fine lines of the hair perfect. It automatically smoothens the hair without causing any damage, which you can’t do with clipping path. Both services are used to detach the background and other particles from the image.

Color correction- color is also corrected for the jewelry if the color is dull or the product comes with more color. Simply it changes the previous color with the new color. It is not used that often but it is very ima portant part of the jewelry retouching. 


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