What is a Clipping technique?

Photoshop has many different techniques to solve one issue which does an excellent job. It alters images with the best quality. Some of the image editing processes are very lengthy which uses more than 2 clipping paths to cut out the image background or image objects. The main purpose of it is to make the image better with clear and perfect imaging quality. Most the images are turned to vector format and then worked on them and after editing the image, it is turned back to raster format which can be used for the commercial and other uses. Photoshop Clipping Service is also known as the Clipping Path Service where the pen tool is used to draw lines along the subject or the product to select the product and detach everything from it. The layers are unlocked and then the working process is started, after the detaching the subject from the background. The background is deleted and then a new layer is added.

The new background is added with the new plain color like white or black. The main purpose of the clipping is to cut out the object from the image and all the unwanted issues of the image. Background color changes when the images are transferred from the camera to a new device and makes the background dull which makes the image even duller and so the image background is changed with a new background to cut out the dullness.

The Whole process can be used in many ways, some simple ways are-
·         Drop down menu: object> clipping > make
·         Shortcut key: command> 7
·         Layer Panel: make/ release clipping icon at the bottom
·         Right Click: highlight object and select clipping 

Why Clipping Path is needed?

Clipping path is needed for the basic work of all the techniques. Most of the clipping path service is used for the background removal, where the background is knocked out and added with a new background. Colour correction also uses the same technique to change or correct the color. Mostly it is used when the same design product comes with different colors to skip clicking all the images the color correction is rather used to change the color and add new desired color same as the real color. Colors are changed and saved as a new image. Colour correction can be also used for the Wedding images to alter and correct the colors because when we move the images from a camera to a new device it changes the colors of the image and so the correction is needed to keep the images as the real image.

Ghost Mannequin service also uses a clipping path to select the exposing parts of the mannequin and cut it out from the image and blend with the background. Ghost mannequin does an excellent trick which shows an invisible person is wearing the product and representing it. Mostly to show the inner side of the product the mannequin is used. It shows the inner, sides, outer and front of the image to make the view of the product better. 


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